Nine Dead (2010) - Movie synopsis, trailer, poster, download

Movie Plot
A masked gunman is on the prowl, kidnapping seemingly random victims without hesitation or remorse. First, a Vegas club owner, then a Hollywood actor and then a Los Angeles District Attorney; all taken in the blink of an eye with expert precision.
The police are helpless and baffled by the kidnapper’s motive even as one of their own detectives falls victim to the one-man crime-wave. The true number of kidnapped victims and the assailant’s motive comes to a haunting reality when nine strangers find themselves handcuffed to nine separate poles in a bunker built by the masked gunman who is hell bent on revenge. But the gun in his hand and the threat of death are just tools in his forced act of attrition.

Movie Info

Director.........: Chris Shadley
Writer............: Patrick Wehe Mahoney
Genres...........: Crime, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Runtime........: 98 min
Sound Mix.....: Dolby Digital
Cast : Melissa Joan Hart, William Lee Scott, John Terry, James C. Victor, Marc Macaulay


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