PERJAKA TERAKHIR 2 (2010) - Movie synopsis, trailer, poster, download

Movie Plot
Sam, a pretty girl was keeping 24-hour supermarket. His saw a criminal trying to shoplifting. It turned out that he threatened to have all the money in the cashier handed over to him or he would detonate a bomb that attached in itself. Panic, direct the clerk handed over the money. But once the criminals move out, Sam ran after him. At the same time, Sugeng, a geeky cop, saw the criminals run with his bike. Panic, Sugeng trying to catch criminals but the criminals managed to escape. Sugeng hurt, eventually.

In college, Sugeng was already making a deal with Sam's teachers. He will help promote the college, including by entering the master to appear on TV. Sam must teach Sugeng so good at martial arts. Exercise for the sake of exercise undertaken Sugeng. The master Sugeng forcing Sam to train more intensively. Shorten the story sugeng be a greet knight and so many other knight wanna fight with him.

Movie Info
Director..... : Jacki
Writer........ : Cassandra
Release...... : October 2010
Genres...... : Action
Cast........... : Fahrani, Agus Ringgo, Barry Prima, Barri Bintang, Joe Project, Weni Rosaline

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