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Movie Plot

SENGGOL BACOK Movie tells about When Galang tried to forget her fiance, fate bringing the Laras (Kinaryosih), sweet girl who can make his hearts be melt. Unfortunately, the nature tempramenal of Galang even distanced himself from the Laras. Not intentionally, Galang successfully beat up lara's father who he suspected a criminal. Laras father also had to be hospitalized because of good intentions of Galang who spread peanut butter.

Galang and Lara's love increasingly complicated by the presence of a new boarding house residents, Donny (Ringo Agus Rachman). Youth calm but this cunning, guile have a million in his brain to get the heart Laras. Strategy struggle of "muscle" versus "brain" between Galang and Donny grab attention of Laras who was unavoidable. Discos and aided by a motivator psychiatric first-class (Jonny Iskandar), Galang trying to control his emotions in order to win the battle against Donny

Movie Info
Directors....... : Iqbal Rais
Producer....... : Raam Punjabi
Production.... : Mvp Pictures
Genre............ : Comedy
Cast................ : Fathir Muchtar, Kinaryosih, Ringgo Agus Rahman, Aji Idol, Jonny Iskandar

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