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Movie Plot
DALAM MIHRAB CINTA is the new Indonesia movie who tells about Syamsul (Dude Harlino) youth committed 20 years of studying in a boarding school in Kediri, leaving a fairly comfortable life. Here he met with Zizi (Meyda Sefira) daughter of the owner of boarding schools for help when he had been robbed on the train, the incident made them so close.

At this boarding Syamsul expelled for allegedly stealing from his own best friend slander Burhan (Boy Hamza). Then because of his own family did not believe it, to actually make Syamsul become a pickpocket.

In the midst of chaos and darkness of this life God provides a way for him to repent and bringing with Syilvie (Asmirandah)

Movie Info
Director...... : Habiburrahman El Shirazy
Writer........ : Adra P. Daniel
Release........ : Desember 23, 2010
Genre......... : Drama, Romance
Cast........... : Dude Harlino , Asmirandah , Meyda Sefira , Tsania Marwa , Boy Hamzah , El Manik , Ninik L. Karim , Elma Theana , Umar Libus , Neno Warisman , Iszur Muchtar , Berliana Febriyanti , Kaharudin Syah

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