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Movie Plot
TEBUS is the new Indonesia movie who tells about Ron Danuatmaja (Tio Pakusadewo) was a successful businessman who is glorifying the greatness of his family name. For Ron, the name Danuatmaja is everything. Something that should be on guard though they have sacrificed blood and lives.

But one time, Alaric (Revaldo), the oldest son as well as the prospective successor to the only business empire Danuatmaja found dead in his room because of an overdose. Hit because of the incident, Ron, Sisca (Chintami Atmanagara) together with the other two children, Ludmilla (Sheila Marcia) and Karissa (Sabrina Luna), then went to their villa to compose herself.

But their hopes were far from reality. In the villa, the Danuatmajas family faced with the terror precisely that await and make their lives and are on the fence. What really happened? Who would want them dead?

Movie Info
Director......... : Muhammad Yusuf
Writer........... : Beby Hasibuan
Genre............ : Thriller
Release.......... : Maret 2011
Cast............. : Tio Pakusadewo, Chintami Atmanagara, Revaldo, Sheila Marcia, Jajang C. Noor, Preddi Prahman

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