AKIBAT PERGAULAN BEBAS 2 (2011) - Movie synopsis, review, trailer, download, subtitle, poster

Movie Plot
AKIBAT PERGAULAN BEBAS 2 is the movie that tells of Denis, the film star who now is at the top of his career. established in love with Rasty, singers who were also on the the peak of his career. But Denis and Rasty always cover their relationship from the pursuit of reporters. Unbeknownst of Rasty, Denis also established in love with Tiara, a movie actress who already has a husband.

Jimmy, a friend of Dennis who is also a movie player, secretly likes Tiara but Denis first got it. Starting from the jealousy, finally Jimmy persevere with Denis. Jimmy threatened to destroy the Denis career.

Denis acquainted with Dini, one of his fans. Denis managed to seduce Dini until she conceived. Dini demanding responsibility of Denis but Denis instead to turn away and dumped. Dinis life became frustration, almost suicidal.

One time, Denis lost his laptop where she kept a nasty video which was carried out with several womens. Denis directly accuse to the Jimmy who deliberately spread the video. Quarrels and fights between Denis and Jimmy re-occur.

Movie Info
Director......... : Findo Purwono Hw
Writer........... : Aviv Elham
Genre............ : Drama
Release.......... : 12 Mei 2011
Cast............. : Keith Foo, Leylarey Lesesne, Lia Aulia, Rocky Jeff, Amink, Tasya Djerly

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