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Movie Plot
PENGEJAR ANGIN is the Indonesian movie that tells of in a village in the area of ​​Lahat, South Sumatra, lived a teenager named Dapunta (18) that will soon graduate from high school and must decide where his future must tread.

Dapunta mother (Bunda), is actually want Dapunta be cleverest, continue their education to college level, but the problem is his DAD against it. His father wanted Dapunta known as the wind pursuer, the nickname for the fastest runner in the village.

Until one day, Dapunta ventured to tell his father that he had a dream. And for that, he had to school. He had to lecture. In any way.

Movie Info
Director......... : Hanung Bramantyo
Writer........... : Ben Sihombing
Genre............ : Drama
Release.......... : 2011

Mathias Muchus
Wanda Hamidah
Lukman Sardi
Agus Kuncoro
Qausar Harta Yudana
Siti Helda Meilita

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