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Movie Plot
Love is brondong is the Indonesia movie that tells of Farhan (Zaky Zimah), Momon (Ajun Perwira), Alfin (Bryan Mc Kenzie), and Juned (Kiki The Potters), living together in one contract and study on the same campus. One night when they help Sheila (Tya Restyana) who was being disturbed by preman. That night Sheila pleading to stay temporary in their homes. Sheila tells that she deceived a people who promise to give the jobs in the city. In fact, Sheila was determined to raise money for the orphanage where she grew up.

Farhan, Juned, Momon and Alfin touched. They agreed to get as much money as possible to help Sheila. Since Sheila lived in their homes, often amusing incidents occurred. Until one day when Sheila went. Sheila just leave a note. The letter essentially say thanks for their kindness. Sheila returned to her hometown, to deposit the money for the orphanage home caregivers. Though without saying goodbye, they can understand. Farhan was suspicious of something. Farhan and his friends find the fact that Sheila did not come from the village. They know the fact from the police who came to their house. Sheila was a drug dealer, including a list of police searches. Farhan and his friends were looking at where the hideout of Sheila.

Movie Info
Director......... : Chiska Doppert
Writer........... : Aditya Sugandi, Djaffar Lesmana
Genre............ : Drama, Comedy
Release.......... : 15 Maret 2012

Ajun Perwira
Zaky Zimah
Bryan McKenzie
Kiki the Potters
Tya Restyana
Joanna Alexandra
Nabila Intan

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