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Movie Plot
Novi (Julie Estelle) and Dafi (Rizki Hanggono) is 'campus sweetheart', met in college and dating until they graduate. Just like any other relationship, the Novi and Dafi relationship is not as easy as they know. After receiving the offer of his boss, Amara (Aline) to be promoted to partner at the law firm owned by Amara, Davi changed. He ended the relationship with Novi. Novi broken heart, to his brothers: Pipit (TJ), Henry (Omesh Ananda), and ASEP (Ringo Agus Rahman) is feeling worried. Without the accident, Novi listen to radio broadcasts that were interviewed Miss Elza from heart-break.com, a special intelligence agency of a broken heart because the third, fourth or other causes. Ms. Elza (Sophie Navita) agreed to assist Novi and sent RAMA (Fedi Nuril) and his team to run the mission again seize Dafi.

Movie Info
Directors......... : Affandi Abdul Rachman
Writers............ : Affandi Abdul Rachman, Nataya Bagya
Genre.............. : Comedy, Romance
Runtime.......... : 97 Minutes
Cast................. : Fedi Nuril, Julie Estelle, Rizky Hanggono, Ringgo Agus Rahman, Ananda Omesh, Aline Adita, Lukman Sardi, Alex Abbad, Yama Carlos.

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