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Movie Plot
MACAN POLKADOT is known as a fairly feared mafia gang, led by the Dewi, has 3 sons: Kendra, Romi and Jodi. Goddard felt old and would like Kendra inherit the family business. Dewi asked Kendra to find prospective wives. Finally Kendra accidentally met with Selma who was working as a police commissioner. Selma often disguised to complete each case. Selma makes Kendra life more passionate.
Selma said she has worked as a civil servant. Until Selma admitted that he was actually an undercover police to uncover cases of smuggling, tax evasion and the mafia. Kendra was surprised to find out. Selma shocked to know the true identity of the Kendra. Kendra promised in Selma, if one day he was involved criminal matters, Selma can catch him.
how the continuation of the story???

Movie Info
Directors......... : Otoy Witoyo
Genre.............. : Action
Release............ : 2010 (Indonesia)
Runtime.......... : 0
Cast.................. : Atiqah Hasiholan, Tora Sudiro, Indah Kallalo, Ferry Ardiansyah, Anindhika, H. Djaja Miharja, Zaki Zimah, Guntur

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