LONDON VIRGINIA (2010) - Movie synopsis, trailer, poster, download

Movie Plot
LONDON VIRGINIA is the new movie who tells about a girl named London (Cheverly Amalia) who has everything in terms of career. London became a top model and actress who came from affluent families. However, despite having had it all, London is always faced a number of problems.

Even career and romance brought him into a very sad situation. Secretly Candy (Gading Marten) like London and tried to approach it by way of posing as a transvestite with a pseudonym, PD. Sandara became assistant London.

Movie Info
Director....... : Cheverly Amalia
Writer......... : Cheverly Amalia
Release....... : 2010
Genre........ : Drama, comedy
Cast.......... : Cheverely Amalia, Gading Marten, Sabrina Athika, Abdurahman Arif, Barry Prima, Pierre Gruno

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