POCONG RUMAH ANGKER (2010) - Movie synopsis, trailer, poster, download

Movie Plot
POCONG RUMAH ANGKER is the new Indonesian horror movie who tells about Zaki, Joana and Reni visited the empty houses which is known as a place of exile and burial of corpses in a criminal case. Arrival Joana, Zaki, and Reni to document the building situation with the handycame.

Joana accidentally found the umbrella obsolete and develop it. Zaki believes it will invite supernatural beings. Since then Zaki, Joana and Debby are often plagued by the apparition of a female dancer and pocong Jaipong. They live day to day with a feeling of anxiety.

At one point Joana and Debby met a mysterious old man in the house was haunted. Debby is warnedand by grandfather that the spirit dancer Joana Jaipong (which sometimes manifests so pocong) it will stop wandering after getting lost valuables from her body.

Movie Info
Director..... : Koya Pagayo
Writer....... : Ery Sofid
Release...... : 16 Desember 2010
Genre........ : Horror
Cast......... : Donita, Zaki Zimah, Pamela Bowie, Krisna Patra, Radith

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