13 CARA MEMANGGIL SETAN (2011) - Movie synopsis, trailer, poster, download

Movie Plot
13 CARA MEMANGGIL SETAN is the new Indonesia horror movie who tells about Dilo, Tera (Debby Ayu), Sonya, Essy, Venus and Fredi, was looking for a book at a book stall. Fredi accidentally found a book and similar books without known by his friends he stole the book.

Fredi cs looked confused after seeing the look of books to be empty with no inscription. But when Dilo took it silently from Fredi she found blood incubate command to read the book. Starting from where Fredi cs start often haunted by supernatural beings and even through a dream ..

Movie Info
Director......... : A Liong
Writer........... : Robin
Genre............ : Horror
Release.......... : 7 April 2011
Cast............. : Debby Ayu, Five V, Ki Kusumo, Him Damsyik, Fairly

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