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Movie Plot
SUSTER KERAMAS 2 is the new indonesian movie who tells about Three young children, Jack (Ricky Harun), Tando (Zidni Adam) and Shelly (Violenzia Jeanette) likes to race motorcycles on the road, so one night Shelly had an accident. The two friends immediately brought to the nearest hospital.

While waiting for Shelly in care, they met with a Japanese girl (Sola Aoi), who was delivering medical treatment of his friend, Cakil (Marcel Darwin)

The hospital was not a regular hospital. They found many strange and terrible events, so they decided to get out of there. But, they can not go, until they find a surprise they never expected ...

Movie Info
Director......... : Findo Purwono Hw
Writer........... : Abbe Ac
Genre............ : Horror
Release.......... : 2011
Cast............. : Sola Aoi Ricky Harun, Zidni Adam, Marcell Darwin, Violenzia Jeanette, Eva Asmarani, Tasya Djerly Emor

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